When Is The Next Steam Sale? What To Expect

If you are among those who want to know When Is The Next Steam Sale? What will they offer, Which games will go on sale? Then this is the right place for you.

In the world of digital video games, Steam stands on the top. They have numerous reasons to stand alone; among them is regular sale events.

Many other steam users and I believe this is a standout reason that another gaming community provides.

Once a sale event is live you can buy and download your favorite games from their store.

The only problem I believe is that steam doesn’t announce or give an exact date about their sale events.

One can only know it, once the sale event is live.

That is the core purpose of my post, I will help and provide all the dates and times for all the upcoming and ongoing Steam Sale events.

Let’s move on and I will shed some light on Steam Sale.

What Are Steam Sales and What Is This About

Now before we move on to our next step, I believe before knowing When Is The Next Steam Sale? You should know what are the steam sales?

Steam sale events are not only based on discounted prices. With the help of these sales, you can easily level up your profile.

When a sale event is live, you will get a number of chances to increase your account’s XP.

Other than that you should know when a steam sale is ongoing, you will get huge discounts on the game you want to buy.

That’s all you need to know about Steam Sales.

Now We move on.

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Is it Possible to Predict The Exact Dates For Steam Events:

To cut it short No. You should read the following message it will clear up all things.

Note: As I have told you before, Steam never announce any date or time for their upcoming sales event. Also, they don’t use the same dates as previous sales events.

Now that doesn’t mean you will never know when Is The Next Steam Sale? There are websites that provide an early date for any upcoming steam sale events.

Oh, there is one other thing. You need to know.

Steam sales are yearly based events, they happen every year. Only the dates are not the same. Might be a few days earlier than the last year or a few days later.

By saying all this the main question remains, how can one know that exact date before the event goes live.

That’s where I come.

I and my friend keeps a very close eye on all the Steam partner who participates whenever a sale goes live.

So, we track their activities and once a date is passed to them; they start posting teasers or banners.

This is how I will be able to tell you when a Steam sale event is live.

Important: You should either bookmark this page or follow Gamertug on Social media. That way when a Steam Sale event goes live, you will be notified.

All the important details are covered now. Let’s proceed and I will tell currently how many Steam Sales are active and working.

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Ongoing Steam Sales And Events [ July 2022 ]

At the moment biggest Summer Sale of the year is going on Steam. Following are all the details you need to know about Steam Summer Sale 2022:

When Will it End 7 July 2022
Offers Leveling Up Profiles, Badges, Rewards
Discounts Up to 90%

This Steam Summer Sale started on 23rd June and it will end on 7th July.

Make sure you have topped up your steam wallet.

There are many cool events that will help you level up your profile. All you have to do is participate, complete the given tasks or play mini-games to get rewards.

The main event of this Steam summer sale is a which is designed by a trickster named Clorthax. You have to play his game in order to get rewards that you can show your friend to show off.


You can play the Clorthax game from here. The gameplay is very simple, the trickster will give you a hint of 10 future games. You have to guess it using the clue and upon getting it right you will earn a shiny badge with many more cool rewards.

Other than these cool rewards and badges. You get 90% discounts on limited games. Finding all the games that are available on sale is very easy.

Now you that the Summer Sale is ongoing but When Is The Next Steam Sale?

Keep reading you will know it.

When Is The Next Steam Sale?

Following are the upcoming events and sales that will most likely go live on the given dates below:

Steam Summer Sale 2022 – 23 June – 7 July (2022) – Currently Ongoing

Steam VR Fest 2022 – 18 July – 25 July (2022)

Survival Sale – 1 August – 8 August (2022)

Before ending this post, I will tell you about all Steam Sales that go live every year.

Every year two Steam Sales Events are for sure. One is the Summer Sale and the other one is the Winter sale.

You will find all the details about both these Steam Sales below.

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When Is The Steam Summer Sale?

The year 2022 Steam Summer Sale is ongoing and it started on 23rd June and will end on 7th July 2022.

When Is The Next Steam Sale?

Steam Summer sale mainly based on discounted rates and rewards.

Along with that, you will see the Steam summer sale also comes with mini-games and tasks. That will give you a chance to win rare collectibles, badges, emotes, and more.

Steam Summer Sale is more anticipated than any other event. Mainly because of up to 90% discounts on games.

There is no doubt that the Steam Summer sale will most likely go to live every year. But to know that exact date is impossible.

However, you will get to know it about a week before the sale goes live.

Now let’s talk about the Steam winter sale.

When Is The Steam Winter Sale?

It is said that Steam Winter Sale will go live from 21st-22nd December 2022 and will end on 2 January 2023.

When Is The Next Steam Sale?

The Steam Winter Sale also comes with Discounts but along with that it comes packed with New Year-themed content.

So if you have free time during the winter holidays, you should visit Gamertug more often. I will update this post as soon as a date is announced.

How Long Do Steam Sales Last?

I have added all the details about How Long Do Steam Sales Last? in the following table.

Summer Sale 2 Weeks
Winter Sale 2 Weeks
Mini Events 2-3 Days
Black Friday 1 Week
Lunar New Year 1 Week

There you go, I am pretty sure that I have answered the question When Is The Next Steam Sale? 

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