What is Discord Nitro and How to get it for free?

Discord Nitro
What is Nitro & How to get it for free?

Discord is a gamer’s heaven. Gamers can chat on it, talk to each other via video and voice calls, play games, and whatnot. It is unarguably a complete solution to a gamer’s networking needs. Discord can do pretty much everything for a user, but if you want more than that, you can opt for Discord Nitro. If you don’t know about Nitro yet, don’t worry. You can learn about Discord Nitro here and I’m going to tell you how you can get Discord Nitro for free. 

What is Discord Nitro?

Simply put, Discord Nitro is premium Discord. To get Discord Nitro, you can pay a monthly membership fee. Against the membership fee, you get the perks you won’t see on the free version of Discord.

Discord Nitro
Benefits of Nitro

This includes premium emojis, stickers, server boosts, better upload capabilities, HD videos, and much more. Nitro Discord comes in two packages, you can either get it for a yearly fee of $99 or a monthly fee of $9 only.

The idea behind Nitro Discord is to get you the aforementioned perks without a server boost. You can enjoy all these perks on the standard discord too but for that, you’d need a load of server boosts in order to unlock the features. You can opt for the Nitro version of Discord instead and unlock these features instantly.

Apart from Nitro, there is a Nitro Classic that comes in at about half the price of the Discord Nitro and it pretty much does the same but with certain limits.

These are all the benefits that you get with the premium variant of Discord:

  • Better Emoji

    • Collect and make your custom emojis along with the animated emojis. You can save these emojis for your personal use.
  • Personal Profile

    • With personal profile perks, you can use a custom animated avatar as your profile picture and also claim a custom tag for yourself.
  • Support a Server

    • With this, you get 2 server boosts and 30% off on all the extra server boosts you wish to buy/get.
  • Rep Your Support

    • Want to represent your support for Discord? You can do so with this feature. It displays a badge showing how long you’ve been supporting Discord.
  • Bigger Uploads

    • With free Discord, you have limits on file uploads. With bigger uploads unlocked, you can upload files up to 100MB(from 8MB free capability) for high-quality file sharing.
  • HD Video

    • This feature will unlock high-resolution video playback, live streaming, and screen share (up to 1080P) in your Discord server.

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How to get Discord Nitro for free?

There are several ways to get the Nitro version for free. Of course, you have to be lucky enough to time these opportunities. I will list a few of them. Keep your eyes on these and you might actually end up getting the premium Discord for free.

Keep an eye on official promotions

Discord often feels generous enough to run official promos and shares free Nitro Codes. Users have to perform a certain task in order to qualify for free Nitro Codes. These are limited codes and only a few first users qualify for the free codes. But this is the most authentic way to get free Discord Nitro Codes. For this, you can follow all official hands of Discord including their Twitter, Reddit, and also you should subscribe to Discord email updates. The moment Discord announces any such promo, make sure to enter and qualify for the free Nitro Subscription. Discord usually runs such promos when there’s a big even taking place. For example, back in the day, Discord shared 100 codes at their Gamescon Booth in 2018.

Wait for Collabs

Discord sometimes collabs with other companies to give away free Nitro subscriptions. For example, in 2021, Discord collaborated with Epic Games Store and gave away free Nitro Codes for a certain amount of time. This offer required you to get Epic subscription and with that, you’d get a free gift code to unlock Nitro perks.

Similarly, in 2021, Discord partnered up with YouTube premium. 3-month membership of YouTube premium brought you free 3-months access to Nitro perks. These collaborations are quite common and they will likely keep happening in near future as well.

Get a redeem code from a buddy

If one of your Discord friends is already a Nitro subscriber and happens to have a free redeem code, go ahead and ask them to share it with you. You can use this code to unlock the Nitro.

Check out Discord Partners

Discord Partners
A look at Discord Partner Program requirements.

If you are running a big Discord Server that has high engagement, you can apply for the Discord Partner program. If you successfully enroll yourself in the Discord Partner program, you can get a certain number of Nitro codes from Discord. You can either use these codes for yourself or share them with your server members.

Beware of Scams

Since Discord Nitro is quite popular and many users wish to get it, a number of scam code generators have popped up that are likely going to make you fall for it. Make sure you do not use any code generated through any  Nitro code generator. The only legitimate ways to get Nitro version for free are mentioned above and you should try those only.

That is pretty much it with the Discord Nitro and how you can get it for free. If you have any question, feel free to reach out to us via the comment box below. Thank you all.

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