Roblox Tower Defenders Codes [2022 – September]

Roblox Tower Defenders is the Roblox game developed by Lysander in 2018. It is a strategy and then is tower defense, a quite popular genre of Strategy. It takes players to a fantasy world where they explore different locations and attain resources.

This game has 8 gaming modes 4 levels of difficulty in a random map. Easy mode, Normal Mode, Hard Mode, and Legendary Mode which is made for hardcore gamers.

Roblox Tower Defenders Codes

The exclusive game modes are PVP, Ranked PVP, URF (Ultra Rapid Fire), and Endless.  Each map contains 1 lane where enemy units will come out of in a set amount of waves, lasting until Wave 37, in all difficulties, except PVP modes. All maps also have a Rush building where certain mobs will spawn there during Rushes.

The game has 5 types of categories of towers/abilities; these are Physical Damager, Magical Damager, Support, Utility, and Barracks.

Roblox Tower Defenders Codes

Here are the fresh new Roblox Tower Defenders codes for the month of September 2022.

  • Bruh – Use this code to Redeem Clown Pin Clown Squad Title Self Loathing 50 Shards for FREE
  • Poggers – Use this code to Redeem 100 Shards AND POGGERS Title for FREE
  • HALLOW – Use this code to Redeem 50 Shards
  • LICH KING – Use this code to Redeem 50 Shards of Wizard Skin
  • Johnroblox – Use this code to Redeem John Roblox Tower
  • FRONTPAGE2021 – Use this code to Redeem Pin 69 Shard NEW

How to Redeem Codes in Tower Defenders

1. At the right side of the Tower Defenders screen, click the “Codes” button.

2. A new screen will open/show the code space.

3. Type codes in the blank area. You can copy and paste codes using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V respectively.

4. Press the “Enter” button to use the Codes!

Who created Roblox Tower Defenders?

This game was created by developer Dreamers. It was first released on Sep 17, 2018.
Developer URL:, Visit the Profile for more games.

How many visitors do Roblox Tower Defenders have?

According to the last official released statistics, Roblox Tower Defenders has over 24,269,270 Visitors and 181,561 players added Tower Defenders to their favorite.
And the last update for Roblox Tower Defenders was on Nov 27, 2021 (6 days ago).

How many players are playing Roblox Tower Defenders?

According to the last official released statistics, Roblox Tower Defenders had over 95 players online. This game is not at the peak now but still one of favorites in Roblox Games.

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