How To Escape Prison In Bitlife 2022 – All JailMaps are Included

This post is created form all the Bitlife players. In this post, you will find out how to Escape Prison In Bitlife.

I believe that Bitlife as a game has everything you need. You can basically do anything in it.

You can be a good guy or you can go on a crime spree.

But you can be held accountable.

In bitlife, if you choose the wrong path and do a lot of crimes then you must know that this game has prisons. You need to serve time for your deeds.

Bitlife prisons have 3 levels of prisons. Starting with regular security, medium-security, and maximum security.

Escape Prison In Bitlife

A player will be jailed according to the crimes he or she commits. That’s the storyline of the Bitlife game if you choose to go wild and do some serious crimes.

But, there is always a but.

When the gameplay is so exciting who wants to stay in the Jail. So you will be glad to know that you can walk out of the Jail with help of our Jailbreak strategies.

After carefully doing my research I have found all the possible Jail Maps, that you can use to escape prison in Bitlife.

Let’s get started now.

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife:

Before we move on, you should know this. With each prison, there is a guard whose sole purpose is to stop you from breaking out.

When you make one move, the prison guard will make two moves only toward you.

So the trick here is to block the guard using the walls of the maze. That way you will be able to restrict the security guard’s moves and you will be able to escape prison in bitlife.

Also check:

Minimum and Medium Security Prison Maps:

Following are the videos that will help you easily escape prison in bitlife.

3×4 Prison Map:

3×5 Prison Map:

4×4 Prison Map:

4×4 Prison Map 2:

4×4 Prison Map 3:

5×4 Prison Map:

5×5 Prison Map:

5×6 Prison Map:

5×7 Prison Map:

5×7 Prison Map 2:

6×5 Prison Map:

6×6 Prison Map:

6×6 Prison Map 2:

7×4 Prison Map:

Maximum Security Prison Maps in Bitlife:

It is a bit hard to escape from Maximum Security Prison Maps in Bitlife. Maximum Security prison is created for those who are nut jobs and have committed very serious crimes.

8×7 Prison Map Layout:

8×8 Prison Map Layout:

8×8 Prison Map Layout:

8×8 Prison Map Layout:

8×8 Prison Map Layout:

8×8 Prison Map Layout:

8×8 Prison Map Layout:

8×8 Prison Map Layout:

That’s it for today. Now you can easily escape prison in Bitlife. All you have to do is watch the videos and follow the instructions provided in them.

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