How To Connect Discord To Your Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Account

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Discord Connections & Integration

With Discord Connections and Integrations, you can connect Discord to your Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and more. Discord Integrations and Discord connections allow you to share data to and from Discord. This makes management of your other social media and community channels/profiles much easier.

Discord Connections vs Integrations

Discord Connections are pretty much self-explanatory. Just as the term suggests, this allows you to connect a multitude of your social media, gaming, and community profiles to your Discord account. Discord Connections are limited to just a “connection” and it should not be confused with Discord Integrations. With Discord Connections, you can connect your Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Xbox,, EpicGames, Github, Steam, Reddit, and Play Station Network accounts. For instance, connecting YouTube with Discord will get you a list of your subscriptions and their Discord servers that you can join. The same goes for Twitch and other platforms.


While Integrations offer much more than just a connection, these happen to be a bit complex too. First of all, Integrations allow you to share data to and from your Discord server. You can integrate a third-party social media, gaming community profile, music profile, or coding storage profile to the Discord Server. This will allow Discord to fetch information from your integrated profiles to bring it to your Discord Server members without having them go to that specific platform.

Discord-YouTube Integration

For example, with the Discord-YouTube integration, you can allocate special roles to your paid members. You can also keep a track of when your paid members stop renewing their payment methods. Furthermore, you can give special incentives to all such members. For your viewers to access your Discord server, they must have set up and connected their Discord profile with YouTube. This will allow the members to see your server within their Discord or via your Invite link/button.

Discord-GitHub Integration

With the Discord-GitHub integration, you can connect your code repositories with Discord. This will allow your server members to stay updated with any changes you make to your code.

Discord-Patreon Integration

With the Discord-Patreon integration, you can give special roles to your patrons and you can also divide these roles based on which rewards your patrons have opted for.

Discord-Twitch Integration

Twitch-Discord integration will let you assign roles to your Twitch subscribers. You can also demote or remove people when they’ve stopped being your subscriber. This integration will also help your Twitch subscribers to find your Discord server once they sync their Twitch account with it.

Discord-OBS Integration

With the OBS integration, you can show your Discord community on your Livestream. The Discord chat appears on your live stream alongside your Twitch chat. You can also show who’s currently speaking on your Discord channel. Discord text chat from any channel can be shown on the stream and you can also display your community link there. The Discord chat window on the OBS Live Stream is highly customizable.

Zapier Integration

If the available integrations are not enough for you, you can give Zapier a try. It can truly level up your Discord game. In case you don’t know, Zapier is a platform that allows you to connect one platform to over 5,000 applications. This greatly helps automate processes in your desired platform Zapier, however, is not a free platform. It charges a minor service fee depending on what kind of integration/service you are interested in.

How to Connect Discord to YouTube, Spotify, Facebook & More

  • Open Discord web or mobile application.
  • Click on the settings gear icon appearing next to your profile name on Discord.
    • This appears on the bottom-left on PC and bottom-right on mobile.
  • Now inside the settings, go to Connections.
  • Select your desired app i.e. Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Steam, or any other.
  • Discord will take you to the web page now asking for authorization.
  • Grant all the necessary permissions and let it connect.
  • Once connected, your youtube or Spotify will start appearing under the connections tab on Discord.

How to Integrate YouTube, Twitch, Steam, Zapier, OBS into Discord Server

  • Open your Discord server.
  • Now click on your Discord server settings.
  • Go to Integrations.
  • Choose webhooks if you want to create a messaging mechanism or your desired application.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions now to complete the integration.
  • Once done, you can start informing your members about it.
Discord Integration
Integration Zapier into Discord for YouTube

To connect to Zapier, you can first go to Zapier and sign up. After that, you can click on “Create Zap”. This will ask you to select a trigger that will be triggered upon a certain action. Select Discord here and fill out the form according to your own requirement. Discord will now ask you for action in step 2. You will now connect the other application that you want to perform the action and trigger your Discord. You can choose from a list of over 5000 applications here.

Discord-YouTube Integration
Integration YouTube into Discord Server via Zapier
Discord Integration
Creating a Zap for Discord Server
Discord Connections & Integration
Running a Zap 

Discord Connection/Integrations can be a little overwhelming at first, but with a little help, you can easily connect any application with your server. Once you are connected, you can unleash the real potential of Discord and take your community to new heights. If you run into any problems while connecting/integrating an app with your Discord server, feel free to reach out to us via the comment section below. You can also check out the Discord-YouTube integrations help page. 

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