How To Add Discord Bots To Your Server on Mobile and PC

How to add discord bots to your server
Tutorial on how to add a discord bot to your server.

Discord Bots are a great way to automate your server. If you own a Discord Server and still don’t know how to add a Bot to your server, you have spotted the right place. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to add Discord Bots to your server on mobile and PC both.

Discord Bots

Discord Bots are a kind of AI-based/trained applications built for servers. These bots can many things, but just to give you an idea, you can assign tasks to these bots to welcome new members, take care of members using foul language, and stay vigilant regarding all activities(spam, malicious links) on the server.

Discord Bots can also bring fun to the servers. You can add bots that users can interact with to get entertained. Discord Bots are purpose-built to perform different tasks. For instance, you will find a collection of bots solely built to manage/automate a server.

You can also find a large collection of Discord Meme Bots to make your members laugh. Furthermore, you can bring music to your servers via Discord Music Bots. So, not only you can automate servers, you can actually completely rely on these bots to manage/run the server in your absence.

Popular Discord Bots

Before showing you the steps to add a Discord Bot to your server, I’d like to mention some of the most popular Discord Bots. The MEE6 Bot at the time of writing this post happens to be the most popular and most used bot with the highest number of invites.

MEE6 is the complete solution for a Discord Server. MEE6 brings a plethora of commands to help you take control of the bot inside your server, but just in case you wish, you can create your own custom commands too. All of this can be done via the forms given in the new custom command form of the MEE6 bot.

It can welcome your new members with your custom message. You can set up social media alerts via this Bot. This bot can also help you allocate roles to your server members and with those roles, the members can moderate the server. There are a dozen other things that this bot can do and that’s exactly the reason this bot is the most widely used one.

Apart from MEE6, we have the ProBot that allows users to share memes, and execute some other fun commands to kill time and moderate the server.

Hydra is one of the popular Discord Music bots that can play music from SoundCloud and Spotify. Karuta is another bot that brings over 90,000 anime characters as cards that you can collect, customize, trade, upgrade, and more. This offers a global economical system that you can play within.

Dank Memer is a famous bot for memes and this one is also a global currency game. Dank Memer currently has over 20M users.

You can also add gaming bots to the server to keep your members busy with small games. One bot offering such games is RockPuppy. 

How to Add Discord Bots To Your Server

  1. First of all, find your desired Discord Bot on a site like
    How To Add Discord Bots To Your Server
    Discord Bots on
  2. Open the page of your desired bot and click on “Invite”.
  3. This will take you to your Discord Page on desktop or mobile.
  4. Now select your server where you want the Bot to work and click on “continue”.Add Discord BotsAdd Discord Bots
  5. Select the permissions that you want to grant the bot and click on “Authorize”.
  6. The bot will now take you to your server with a welcome message.
    Add Discord Bots
    Discord Bot Dank Memer Welcome Message
Add Discord Bots
A glimpse of commands for a Discord Bot.

To operate the bot, you need to learn the commands. Some bots present a tutorial along with a welcome message and for some bots, you can view all of their commands on the official page. For this, simply go to the official page of the bot via and access the commands section. For some bots, you can create custom commands too. Commands are executed by using a certain prefix. All bots use different prefixes. Most bots use “!”, “/” or “.”. You can also operate some select bots via buttons popping up in your discord server’s chat.

How to kick a discord bot
Kicking out a recently added discord bot.

To remove a bot from your server, simply click on the profile picture of the bot and click on “Kick” or “Ban”.

Building your own Discord Bot

To being building your own Discord Bot, you can go to the Discord Developer Portal. On the portal, click on “New Application > Bot”. Give a cool name to your bot and then generate a token. It will be an auto-generated token consisting of alphanumeric strings. This token will verify your bot for Discord.

Building a Discord Bot
Building a Discord Bot

Since building a Discord Bot is just like building an application. You need some coding skills and then an understanding of the bot builders supported by Discord. You can either use Node or Pylon to build bots for Discord. Javascript is the language you’d need for coding a Discord Bot. You can find plenty of Discord Bot Code examples on Github. WriteBots is a great site to find tutorials on how to write a Discord Bot.

Make sure to add a good description to your Bot. If you want search engines to discover your bot, make sure you add some tags too. Furthermore, you have to have a privacy policy and terms of service written for your Discord Bot.

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