15 Best Discord Music Bots That Still Work

The two most popular Discord Music Bots Groovy and Rythm were recently shut down. The primary reason behind their operations coming to an end was a notice of cease and desist by YouTube. This was quite unfortunate news for Discord server admins and users, but this is not the end. You can still add cool music to your Discord server through an alternative. There is plenty of Discord Music Bots that still work without any hiccups. You will find 15 such Discord Music Bots right here.

Discord Music Bots working in 2022

Discord has grown way beyond a gamer’s chat application. It has become a whole ecosystem where people cannot only interact with each other but take part in activities while being entertained. Discord Music Bots have been adding to the experience of users for quite a while now. It won’t be wrong to say that some users access Discord just to listen to cool music at times. The recently closed-down Discord Bots were catering to the masses, but the alternative bots are here to fill the void. Discord Music Bots mostly pull the music from different servers, the bots do not own or play any music from their own servers. Since YouTube has made it almost impossible for such bots to stream music, these bots now rely on sources other than YouTube. If a bot is still luckily supporting music from YouTube and goes down in near future, we will definitely inform you guys. For now, take a look at all the working bots to bring the joy back to your Discord server.

Chip – The Best Discord Music Bot

Best Discord Music Bots
Playing music via ChipBot

Chip is a 24/7 high-quality music bot for your discord server. What I personally like about Chip is the control provided by the bot. Server admins can take complete control of the music. ChipBot provides you with the ultimate DJ experience. Apply the equalizer presets of your choice, create queues, and add 8D experience or the nightcore filter to the music. To sum it up, Chip is an all-in-one music solution that’s still working up to the mark. Chipbot has a free version that in my opinion is enough, but in case you wish to experience something luxurious, you may opt for its premium version. View the list of Chip commands here.

Hydra – Another Working Discord Music Bot

hydra bot

Hydra has emerged as the biggest alternative to Rhythm and Groovy. Unfortunately, Hydra has also given up on the YouTube support and if you share a YouTube URL with Hydra now, it politely informs you about not being able to play it. However, Hydra still supports a handful of other music streaming platforms. This means you can play music from Spotify, SoundCloud, and other similar platforms.

hydra bot


Hydra also gives the option of sharing a music file in a message that can be played by executing the relative command. You can simply search for a song, let Hydra play something for you, or load your own songs into the bot. View the list of Hydra commands here.

Lo-fi Radio

If you are a fan of that extremely soothing, calm, and raw music, the Lo-fi Radio is for you. It does exactly what its name suggests. The best part? Well, it plays 24/7. You can just play it on your server and leave it on for as long as you want. The only downside is that it has Lo-Fi music only and it’s solely built for the admirers of such music. It’s a great addon especially when you’re having a creative discussion with your server members.

Soul Music

Soul Music is also amongst the nicest Discord Music Bots working in 2022. With Soul Music, you can explore unlimited music libraries. The bot lets you automatically play good music or you can simply search for your desired music. Apart from having access to millions of music pieces, it’s got some amazing filters. You can add 8D, chipmunk , errape, electronic, karaoke, pop, and many other filters to the music that’s being played on your server. Soul Music has a 24/7 mode too in which it keeps playing the music nonstop inside your server. Check out all Soul Music commands here.


best discord music bots
playing music in Discord server via Green-bot.

Green-bot can do pretty much everything that any other music bot does. It can look for your favorite music online and play it on the gay. Or else, it can play non-stop 24/7 music until you stop it. The good thing about Green-bot is that it’s completely free and requires a small number of votes to unlock all the features. It’s a simple straight to the point bot built to serve its purpose without pushing you into complexity. Check out Green-bot commands on their official page. 


Don’t confuse it with the Luna that just crashed, jokes apart, this is also one of the bots that can play music for your Discord community. This bot fully focuses on music only. To play the music, all you have to do is to execute the /play command followed by the name or URL of your desired song. You can do most of the things using the free version of LunaBot. This includes global volume control, voice pack, 24/7 playback, audio effects, vote locks, and auto reconnect. If you wish to do more than that, for example a custom bot for the entire server, you can pay from $5 – $15 depending on your budget. Check out LunaBot commands here. 


ProBot is not just a music bot, it’s a complete package that helps you take control over your server. With ProBot, you can fully automate your server. You can train ProBot to manage your server on its own. Since our focus is on the music aspect of ProBot, we will stay limited to that only. ProBot can pull out a list of songs from music platforms, it shows you a seek bar right inside the Discord screen too. You can add songs to the queue in ProBot. You can find ProBot commands on this page.


Pancake is another complete server solution. Music is just one part of the bot and I must say it works up to the mark. However, the downside is that not everything is fully free in Pancake. Especially the music features.

To unlock certain features, you have to become a Patreon. So, if you just wish to play a specific song, Pancake will work well, beyond that, you’ll have to support the developers. Here’s a list of its commands.



Unelievabot is also built to do more than just music. With this bot, you can create a fully customizable economy system. Furthermore, you can play games, and sell items such as animals, images, memes and more. Unbelievabot can play music too, but the sad thing is that the music features are premium. If you are willing to opt for the premium version of Unbelievabot, you can definitely give it a try. Explore Unbelievabot commands here.


The Earth Bot supported YouTube back in the day and now it supports Spotify and SoundCloud along with some other similar services. Earth stays in your channel all the time and doesn’t leave until you force it to leave. You can either play a song by searching on one of the supported platforms or by directly sharing a URL with the Earth Bot. Check out Earth commands here. 

Jockie Music

best discord music bots
Jokcie Music Banner

Jockie Music, as its name suggests, is all about music. It probably has the largest base of applications that it supports. You can connect Jockie with Tidal, Deezer, Apple Muysic, Spotify, MixCloud, SoundCloud, a custom server of your own, different Radio Stations, and to Vimeo as well. Jockie will not support YouTube since YouTube’s policy is the same for all of the bots. However, you can still enjoy countless songs from a huge collection of streaming services supported by Jockie Music. One of the pros of Jockie includes its co-existence along with other Bots. Jockie is built for large servers with hundreds of thousands of members. Go through the Jockie commands here.


best discord music bots
Lara Banner

It’s a beautifully built, smooth, easy-to-use bot. This is also probably one of the least complex bots out there. You can keep your server members entertained 24/7 with the help of Lara as it offers pretty much all the features that a top-notch bot would offer.

Lara offers a very basic functionality which is the reason why I prefer this bot over many other bots in the list. If you’re looking for something super simple, Lara Discord Music Bot is the way to go. Check out its prefix and commands here. 


best discord music bots
ChillBot for Discord

Another Lo-Fi Bot, it is one of the biggest Lo-Fi radio bots on Discord. It mostly offers music from the Lo-Fi genre. So once again, if you are a Lo-Fi listener, you may opt for ChillBot or Lo-Fi Bot for that matter. ChillBot offers the highest quality music and also promises 24/7 availability. You can learn more about ChillBot on its official FAQ page. 


BASS bot natively boosts the bass on all of the songs that you are playing via this bot. The bass is boosted natively to make sure no quality loss takes place. It plays all the songs in 512kbps. It won’t be wrong to say that Bass is built for true music heads. Apart from the Bass boost filter, it also brings 8D filter, 4deep filter, echo filter, and many other filters to enhance your experience. This bot is purpose-built for the users looking for ways to play the highest possible quality of music on their servers. Check out more features of the Bass bot here.



Maki Bot
Having fun with Maki Bot

Maki’s functionality isn’t limited to music either. It’s a bot worth installing and worth exploring all of its options apart from music. Music is just one small function. With Maki, you can fully customize and automate your server. You can pull information about social media profiles by issuing a simple command. There is a load of activities to have fun with in Maki. You can create an economic system, use the fun and information commands, moderate and administer your server, and of course benefit from over a dozen music commands. Here’s a complete list of all the functions and commands offered by Maki.

How to add a Discord Music Bot to your server?

  1. To add a music bot, simply open the bot’s official page.
  2. Click on the “Invite” button and it will take you to your discord page.
  3. Select the server where you want to add the music bot and go ahead.
  4. Once you’ve added the bot, it will pop-up in the general section of your server.
  5. Now enter the bot’s commands followed by their respective prefix/es to start using it. The command pages of all bots are attached above.

Remember, for some bots, you must join the voice channel on within your discord server. Without the voice channel, the bots won’t be able to play the music. With almost all of the bots mentioned above, you can customize the music experience and act as a DJ on your server.

All of the bots mentioned above are handpicked based on their rating and user reviews. I have personally tested each one of these bots and found them working smoothly. In case of any queries/suggestions, feel free to use the comment section below.


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